New Book on child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

Building a Bridge For survivors of abuse

Matthew 18

a conversation between a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and a catholic bishop

by Bishop Bill Muhm and Carrie Bucalo

Wife, mother, artist, writer

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Healed by truth:

a place of healing, beauty, and art for abuse survivors, friends, & Family

Art and beauty are redeeming. The position of light and darkness in a painting or a photograph produce the best effects, causing the focal point, which draws in the viewer to see and feel what the artist does. I feel it is the same with faith in God. The focal point of belief is where our deepest, darkest fears encounter God's greatest light and beauty--

Healed By Truth is just that: a focal point of faith, where the darkest parts of human experience meet the radiant light of God's face. Here you will find the stories of many survivors of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church along with their friends, and family members. These stories are told through color, shape, rhyme, and verse, as well as through the sharing of short reflections, essays, and fine art. You can check out these "Focal Points of Faith" by visiting the Healed By Truth Gallery and Blog pages, and downloading Carrie's essays, The Spiritual Journey of Healing

100% of author's royalties are being donated to Catholic Charities.

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"Carrie has taken tremendous hardship and turned it into beauty through her words and art.  She epitomizes the uncrushable spirit and shows how we can accomplish anything."
- ​Elisabeth Corey, Survivor, Author, Life Coach, International Speaker, and Founder of

"All of us have suffered faith wounds. This ministry inspires each person to explore these difficult experiences with reverence and an open heart. Healed By Truth encourages the visitor to use beauty and art on this pilgrimage to places which are often beyond words. Thank you, Carrie!" 

- Theresa Jasko, President and Founder of Leonie's Longing, an apostolate for men and women who have been in religious life:

"Congratulations to Carrie on the amazing accomplishment of this website, which continues to provide beauty and inspiration to many!"

- Rita A. Simmonds, Award winning poet, and regular contributor to MAGNIFICAT, 

"Kudos to Carrie for her selfless desire to heal the wounded through her divinely ordained outreach! All who go to her website will be blessed  with a fresh start, a spiritual reboot, if you will, and a whole new beginning. Praise our Good God!" 

-Barbara McGuigan, International Speaker and host of EWTN's The Good Fight 

"Through beautiful art and words of truth, Carrie Bucalo witnesses that the True, Beautiful, Good Shepherd can and does heal the wounds of Sin.  I hope you enjoy Carrie’s website.  I hope it will draw many people close to the Good Shepherd to be healed."
-Bishop Bill Muhm,  Auxiliary Bishop and Episcopal Vicar for Europe and Asia, Archdiocese for the Military Services, U.S.A.

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Healed by truth

Matthew 18 is a heartfelt conversation between Bishop Bill Muhm and Carrie Bucalo, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Their mutual concern for the health and well-being of the Church led to an honest dialogue about the deep wounds victims experience, emerging in a fresh, relevant, and hopeful commentary.

Each chapter begins with a selected text from Matthew 18. Bishop Muhm offers theological insights, and Carrie responds with her experiences as a survivor. Together, they reveal that Jesus’ words in Matthew 18 are a direct source of healing and guidance for the whole Church during this time of scandal.

Enhanced with Carrie’s emotive artwork, this book shows that the present time of crisis and sadness is also a time of extraordinary grace. “Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more” (Romans 5:20).