Wife, mother, artist, writer

​Artist and Writer

Watercolors are my favorite, but I love to write, use my camera, and capture God's beauty in whatever way I can.

"If you are what you should be, you'll set the whole world on fire!" ~St. Catherine of Siena

Carrie Bucalo is an Army wife, former Carmelite nun and mother of six, who enjoys living in different places around the world with her family. She writes every second she gets a chance, and her reflective writing The Spiritual Journey of Healing​  is featured in several blogs and articles. Carrie is currently writing reflections for the best selling MAGNIFICAT​. She loves painting with watercolors , and one of her greatest joys is teaching watercolor painting. When there's no time to paint, Carrie captures life with her camera.


I see the world through the lens of my wounds, and it is bittersweet. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, I see a world that is deeply wounded, yet filled with hope, joy, beauty and boundless possibilities for the future!

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About Carrie Bucalo

My focal point

Setting out on a collision course of faith, I plunged into the depths of God's love and creativity. Through his memories, the Church's memories, and the Communion of Saints, I have spent my life writing, painting, and trying to capture my experience of God's beauty, in whatever way I can. 


We're blessed with a handful of kids.


Justin and I have been married for fourteen years. 


I'm very interested to hear and see what you have to say about finding beauty in your faith, even when faith seemed impossible.